Independent Contractor Agreements

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  • Independent Contractor Contract

    Independent Contractor Contract


    If you offer services as an independent contractor, website editor, writer or community manager (or you hire someone to fill that role in your own business!), this legal contract protects your rights and clearly defines the scope of your work including when you will get paid, who owns the content that you create, and what happens when it’s time to end the partnership.

  • Speaker Agreement Contract Template

    Speaker Agreement Contract


    Have something to say? Becoming a speaker at events is a great way to share your message, grow your brand, and make some money. Be sure that your rights are protected by this legal contract, which was created for use by either speakers or event planners.

  • Subcontractor Contract

    Subcontractor Contract


    Ready to grow your business? Hiring subcontractors is a great way to grow your team and keep things streamlined for your clients. This contract protects your rights and clearly defines the scope of your subcontractor’s work as well as the payment terms, ownership of content, client communication, and what happens when someone wants to end the relationship.

  • Virtual Assistant Agreement

    Virtual Assistant Contract


    Do you work as a VA (virtual assistant) or want to hire someone to do that job in your own business? This contract helps define what tasks you’ll do (and not do) as well as how and when payments are made, who owns the content created, what’s covered in terms of confidentiality and also exactly when and how a VA can approach other clients.