Content Sponsorship Contract for Sponsored Blog Posts, Social Shares, or Videos

Content Sponsorship Contract: Sponsored Blog Post, Social Shares, or Video


This content sponsorship contract clearly and simply outlines deliverables, due dates, payment arrangements, copyright ownership and other legal protections that help you create successful projects and build lasting partnerships with brands.

Start Here!

It’s one of the first steps from taking your hobby to a true online business — accepting a sponsored project with a brand, public relations agency or company! But once the excitement wears off, you probably realize that you need to make it official.

Our sponsored content template is simple, easy to use and clearly lays out all of the responsibilities you have as the blogger or influencer, what the brand is required to do, when and how money changes hands, who owns the copyright and much more. And, this template was designed to be versatile: you can use it for sponsored blog posts, social shares, or videos.

Click through the tabs above to see what’s included in this template, how it can be used and get answers to all of your other questions.

Who is This For?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a copywriter, a blogger, a vlogger or a social media influencer, this template serves as a legally binding contract that’s also really easy to use.

Plus, as your online business grows, the template grows with you! Once you purchase the template, you’ll receive a license to reuse it for as many projects and clients as you’d like. Of course, that license does have some limits and you may only use it for your personal work but all of that is available in the fine print.

What's Included?

  • A template that you can instantly download and use with as many clients as you want*.
  • Easy to follow instructions so you can customize the form with your business information and for each project, the specific terms, and deliverables that will protect you and your work.
  • Specific protections for you when it comes to deliverables (what you agree to give the client and what the client agrees to give you!), payment, the copyright ownership, and what happens if one party has to end the contract early.

There’s a lot more — like a confidentiality clause that ensures that anything shared between you and the brand stays between you and language that clearly outlines your role as an independent contractor — but the bottom line is: if you are doing a sponsored post, sponsored promotion on social media, or sponsored video content, this product has everything you need (and believe us: the brand will probably be happy to see that you’re bringing it to the table, since it protects their interests as well).

*see the fine print tab for limits to this license!

How Can I Use It?

The uses are fairly limitless, but this template may be customized for projects that include:

  • Sponsored posts of all kinds
  • Product reviews
  • Other content published on your own blog or website on behalf of a brand
  • Sponsored social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other platform
  • Sponsored video on any channel

The Fine Print

You will receive a blank agreement in a Word document format and a PDF with instructions. You will receive a limited license to personally reuse this form. You may not share the form with third parties, other than the signatory of the agreement or an attorney if you are seeking legal advice. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.